Introducing Orchestra 6: a leap in customer journey excellence

Qmatic has proudly announced the arrival of Orchestra 6: an enterprise-class software customer journey management platform for organisations with distributed locations, premises and capabilities.

Orchestra is an enterprise-class virtual queue software as a service customer journey management platform architected for on-premises and cloud deployment. It is the ideal solution for organisations seeking to centralise distributed locations, premises, and capabilities in order to create an ideal customer experience and reach aggressive goals.
Introducing Orchestra 6
”We are very excited to be introducing Orchestra 6 to South Africa on behalf of Qmatic. We believe that the new features will unlock further value for our current and prospective clients,” says Eugene Swanepoel, Managing Director of Emerge Queue.

In the public sector, the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) desperately needed to improve the speed and quality of 2.5 million annual transactions taking place across almost 500 locations. They engaged Orchestra to give citizens the ability to book appointments online, sign in and indicate needs on touch screens in each facility, and to feed that real-time data to management.

Integrating those functions into the Orchestra platform resulted in a 50% reduction in wait times and sweeping improvements in satisfaction levels among staff and customers. Today, the New Mexico MVD is hailed as an example of how to use process efficiencies and a focus on the customer to improve a notoriously challenging experience.

Centralised, distributed, and integrated: the power of Orchestra 6

The Orchestra platform has been architected to be modular and scalable, supporting users’ progress with respect to technology applications and organisational demands. This innovative solution includes the hardware, software and analytics solutions to integrate multiple branches no matter how large, distributed, or complex the organisation.

With Orchestra 6, current features are strengthened and the solution set is augmented to be even more robust and useful.

Mobile Framework Integrated connectivity applications enable customers and providers to engage across online and onsite channels, clarifying process steps and necessary resources across the customer journey.

Mobile Workforce Application Orchestra comes with a powerful mobile and wearable solution for the connected workforce, empowering employees to deliver the best service. Employees can get alerts, manage queues and services, connect to customers, personalise engagement based on customer profiles, capture service outcomes and measure NPS from a single application.

Appointment Management A tightly integrated Web-based calendar and appointment booking system works with queuing and self-service check-in systems, as well as third party online appointment and calendar solutions. Customers can move from appointments to service smoothly, and keeps staff and operational resources sufficient to handle customer flow.

Business Intelligence and Journey Insights Orchestra Web-based business intelligence features customisable data capture, comprehensive analysis, and a user-friendly dashboard. These features integrate to simplify the process of answering strategic questions and keeping staff informed.

Digital Signage Orchestra digital signage allows for centralised, targeted context marketing across all digital surfaces in a facility. The right messages can reach the right customers in the right contexts for optimal impact.

Customer Feedback One-touch ‘emoji’ applications allow customers to communicate feedback about their service experience quickly and effortlessly. Management can tap into this real-time continual information flow to staff for the best possible service and implement vital operational efficiencies.

Leading-edge Enterprise IT Standards With the most current and open world-class standards in play, Orchestra is continually designed to meet your needs now and into the future.

Qmatic combines a passion for creating remarkable customer experiences with a constant pursuit of next-level capabilities. Orchestra 6 reflects that dedication in the most powerful customer flow management system available, designed to help you reach the next level of success.

2 años ago

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