Credit union’s digital signage, branch design receives award

DBSI, a company that helps banks and credit unions create more profitable branches, announced that its branch design and digital signage software as a service created in collaboration with Tech CU has been honored as an outstanding achievement in the banking industry, earning a Marketing Association for Credit Unions award. Tech CU is a credit union serving more more than 75,000 members in the San Francisco Bay area.

The award-winning entry in the Point of Sale/ Merchandising Category was centered around a vision of creating a branch experience that puts the member as the primary focus, according to a press release from DBSI. The final branch design incorporated video conferencing, hoteling space, a conference room for member use, and a floor plan designed to facilitate one-on-one conversations.
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Digital signage content management and interactive touchscreens were also deployed to help members learn about personal finance and explore Tech CU’s products and services. Highlights included interactive touchscreens with videos, a “Discovery Table” with tablets, a “Wow Wall” (four large flat-screens that together display a single rotating image) and an interactive timeline of Tech CU’s history posted in a digital sign.

“Feedback on the new branch design has been very positive,” said Debra Bowman, SVP of Retail Banking for Tech CU. “People tell us they like the intimacy of the space — that it doesn’t ‘feel like a bank,’ when they walk in. We also have several members who are now regularly using the conference rooms for their personal business meetings.”

“It’s always exciting when our collaboration with clients turns into award winning results,” said John W. Smith, CEO of DBSI. “Our proven 6D process is designed to help financial institutions consistently achieve these kind of results by uncovering their differentiation in the marketplace and how that can be physically conveyed in a branch experience. We are excited and honored to join in Tech CU’s accomplishment.”

3 años ago

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